Plastic Ambivalence

Plastic Ambivalence. Acrylic on panel. 48×36″.

I dealt with plastic elements to give a sense of believable, but ambiguous three-dimensional space. The smooth gradations and simple composition of Ed Ruscha’s paintings inspired this piece. The foreground shape came to me in a vision, a cross between two elements: the yellow, rectangular prism metal parking permit dispensers on Cal Poly campus and the glossy painted metal surface of the rectangular sides of a new dump truck. Reading from right to left, the arrow is descending the peak, a time of happy coasting. Whereas, from left to right, it is ascending a peak followed by a rapid descent to the unknown. All in all, this is an ambiguous direction of movement to which the arrow is oblivious and ambivalent.

Plastic Ambivalance | 2011 | Fine Art | Media: | Tags: , , , , ,