Roco Mug

September 05, 2011

Santa Barbara Roasing Company Mug. Color print on ceramic. 3¼”D × 3¾”H. Original logo drawing by John Iwerks.

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Artist Statement

September 03, 2011

Artist statement for Distance+Intimacy photography series.

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City of Santa Barbara Map

Map of the City of Santa Barbara created for the Santa Barbara County Surveyor’s Office and the Santa Barbara LAFCO. This current generation of maps features labels with serial numbers for incorporation / formation, annexation and detachment activity. Sucessive pages contain a corresponding numbered table with information on action title, references and dates. This allows land surveyors make a more informed request for such information. The maps also show sphere-of-influence, roads, tax parcels, township/range and land grants. For the most recent maps available, see the County Surveyor’s Office Incorporated Cities page.

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September 02, 2011

 Oklahoma Mill

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San Francisco

September 01, 2011

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Plastic Ambivalance

Plastic Ambivalence

Plastic Ambivalence. Acrylic on panel. 48×36″.

I dealt with plastic elements to give a sense of believable, but ambiguous three-dimensional space. The smooth gradations and simple composition of Ed Ruscha’s paintings inspired this piece. The foreground shape came to me in a vision, a cross between two elements: the yellow, rectangular prism metal parking permit dispensers on Cal Poly campus and the glossy painted metal surface of the rectangular sides of a new dump truck. Reading from right to left, the arrow is descending the peak, a time of happy coasting. Whereas, from left to right, it is ascending a peak followed by a rapid descent to the unknown. All in all, this is an ambiguous direction of movement to which the arrow is oblivious and ambivalent.

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Fort Worth Stockyards


Fort Worth Stockyards Water Tower



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